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The success of our consultants lies in their complementary skills. They come from a variety of professional backgrounds and therefore have detailed knowledge of various lines of business and corporate cultures. Feedback from claims managed over many years form a very rich information base, which we share with you to audit and map the operational risks associated with your products and processes.

Our diagnostic tools draw on our knowledge base and help you to identify areas of risk, recognise implications and develop action plans to manage them better.

These services can be implemented out before a risk occurs:

  • Identification of internal and external risks and development of an action and/or improvement plan
  • Audit or expert assessment prior to a business acquisition, equipment purchase or approval of a partner, for example
  • Ongoing audit of a partner
  • Assistance in certification processes

Our INQUEST consultants can also help after a risk has materialised. In this case, we help you with the technical, legal and financial aspects of managing claims and disputes.