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No company is immune to crises. Whatever the cause (medical, food, related to a defective product, service interruption or even data loss), the commercial, financial and media fallout is often significant.

These crises often generate an unusual number of claims requiring organisation and an ad hoc mechanism that does not exist in the company that suffers the crisis.

Our experts have acquired recognised expertise in managing claims (large-scale product recalls in the automobile, food, pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors) and compensation on behalf of insurance companies. We are now able to effectively assist companies in identifying and preventing the risk of a crisis and to help them prepare and manage a very large volume of claims after a major crisis.

Prevent the crisis

  • Identification of major risks
  • Identification of exposure to events that could lead to a crisis
  • Recommendations

Prepare for the crisis

  • Development of a crisis management framework (organisation / human resources / tools)
  • Creation of a logistics platform and crisis management processes (proof of concept)
  • Crisis simulation

Manage the crisis

  • Adaptation of the crisis management framework: taking into account the specifics of the crisis to adjust the settings of the logistics platform and adapt processes
  • Recruitment and management of the necessary staff (call centre, managers and experts)

Deployment of staff and technology

Our strength lies in our ability to mobilise both internal and external technical and compensation specialists by drawing on the 250 employees in our group in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Our technology platform is customisable and can be mobilised very quickly. It meets the following needs and requirements:

  • Model the problem and the response
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication
  • Ensure performance of the management framework
  • Allow traceability of all operations
  • Ensure data security and confidentiality
  • Allow management of activity and mass processing
Management of a major medical crisis

Management of a major medical crisis

INQUEST is managing a large-scale crisis by registering claims and compensating over 5,000 victims in 10 weeks