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Our services

Our internal laboratories allow our INQUEST consultants to carry out detailed investigations in a flexible and reactive manner. We can:

  • Take measurements and carry out tests before any claims are made to assess the risks associated with your products
  • Investigate the causes of risks that have materialised
  • Assist in legal (forensic) investigations to help our clients with legal developments in a case
  • Assist in decision-making for better risk management (product improvement, product recalls, control of suppliers, etc.)

Electricity and Electronics

This laboratory is dedicated to the analysis and testing of electrical and electronic materials and products: electronic components, electrical equipment, household electrical appliances, etc.

  • Equipment for measurements and functional tests: oscilloscope, multimeter, thermal imaging camera, etc.
  • Equipment for cutting and preparing electronic components / printed circuit boards for observation: chainsaw, polishing machine, etc.
  • Macroscopic and microscopic observation equipment to analyse possible material defects in components: binoculars and microscope

Mechanics and materials

This laboratory is focused on technical investigations of all kinds of materials and mechanical assemblies: raw materials, consumer goods (tools, furniture, sports equipment, childcare equipment), professional equipment (machine components, engine parts, etc).

  • Cutting and preparation equipment for observation
  • Macroscopic and microscopic observation equipment: binoculars and a microscope
  • Mechanical test cell

This equipment is used for:

  • Characterisation of materials and mechanical assemblies
  • Fractographic analysis
  • Analysis of fracture surfaces
  • Fatigue failure tests
  • Material soundness tests

IT and cyber security

This laboratory is dedicated to the advanced analysis of IT infrastructure in terms of architecture and security (pre/post damage) and cyber-attacks that target information systems.

  • Analysis of client platforms through virtualisation
  • Tools to simulate and analyse activity on a company network
  • Audit solutions and identification of vulnerabilities
  • A secure area to reproduce and understand malicious acts or hacking (Sand Boxing)
  • Access to alternative information networks (Darknets)

This equipment is used for:

  • Technical investigations to identify the modus operandi of hackers or, if necessary, perform checks after a cyber attack
  • Reverse engineering of malicious code
  • Audits to secure and optimise internal and external infrastructure
  • Vulnerability and penetration tests in search of faults
  • Rebuilding compromised architecture on our infrastructure to analyse parts
  • Technological monitoring of darknets, search for high value-added information, detection of information leaks, trends in new modus operandi