Assistance in the change of digital strategy of an institution

Assistance in an institution’s change of digital strategy

Audit / Consultancy – INQUEST is assisting in the digital transformation of an institution by supervising the implementation and application of a new IT management system.

An institution that is part of a regulated profession has carried out a project to transform its digital strategy. Our IT consultants assisted the organisation to meet the challenges of the safe operation of information systems. They ensured the implementation of an ‘integrated management system’: management, security, good practices.

Involvement of INQUEST consultants:

Our consultants opted for a stakeholder-focused approach in close collaboration with our client. The project to transform management of the information system was based on standards (ISO, ITIL, security regulations, data protection regulations, etc.) and existing good practices. Our team has organised the coaching and training of a project coordinator appointed by the client. The aim was to enable our client, over time, to develop an auditable and certifiable system in line with the organisation’s strategic challenges.


Investigating a malicious act and rebuilding a luxury company's IT infrastructure

Audit/Consultancy – INQUEST is investigating the malicious use of the luxury company’s email account to improve the security of its information system

Cyber security risk assessment for 200 subsidiaries of a food group

Audit/Consultancy – INQUEST is assessing the level of exposure to cyber attacks of 200 subsidiaries of a food group by offering a personalised action plan.