Assistance to a tour operator in managing a legal dispute

Assisting a tour operator with a legal dispute

Audit / Consultancy – INQUEST is assisting a tour operator by managing a legal dispute with a customer who has filed a financial claim.

In a commercial dispute with one of its customers, a tour operator called on our expertise in economic and financial analysis to defend its interests alongside its solicitor.

Involvement of INQUEST consultants:

Our consultants carried out a critical analysis of the various items in the financial claim brought against the tour operator, especially operating loss and loss of business. Our analysis, set out in a financial note, was directly included in the solicitor’s statement of defence. It led to the rejection of the claim in its entirety.

Crisis management assistance to a supplier in the food industry

Crisis management assistance for a supplier in the food industry

Crisis management - INQUEST is assisting an international company that specialises in the design and manufacture of complete packaging lines.

Analysis in our laboratories before a product recall for a childcare company

Laboratories - INQUEST is carrying out technical investigations on childcare equipment in its internal analysis and testing laboratories to assist in a manufacturer’s decision-making following complaints about the safety of one of its products.