Crisis management assistance to a supplier in the food industry

Crisis management assistance for a supplier in the food industry

Crisis management – INQUEST is assisting an international company specialised in the design and manufacture of complete packaging lines.

An employee of a large food group was injured during a maintenance operation on a packaging line installed by our client.

Following this accident, the food group requested compliance testing of 200 machines installed by our client and measures to ensure compliance, depending on the results.

Involvement of INQUEST consultants:

  • Technical response to potential non-compliance taking into account all legal and regulatory constraints and obligations
  • Justification of the suitability of the technical choices made for all existing products to ensure the safety of users
  • Targeted communication to all customers to reassure them that this was an isolated incident and to mitigate the impact on the brand image

Analysis in our laboratories before a product recall for a childcare company

Laboratories - INQUEST is carrying out technical investigations on childcare equipment in its internal analysis and testing laboratories to assist in a manufacturer’s decision-making following complaints about the safety of one of its products.

Development of a action plan to obtain accreditation for the aviation industry

Audit - INQUEST is assisting an aviation subcontractor in its Nadcap accreditation process by carrying out a preliminary audit.