Cyber security risk assessment for 200 subsidiaries of a food group

Cyber security risk assessment for 200 subsidiaries of a food group

Audit / Consultancy INQUEST is assessing the level of exposure to cyber-attacks of 200 subsidiaries of a food group by offering a personalised action plan.

A food group wants to assess the levels of exposure of the information security systems of its 200 subsidiaries worldwide. In order to carry out an effective assessment of the subsidiaries, our consultants offered to work on two fronts to streamline costs and reduce the time taken for the investigation.

Involvement of our INQUEST consultants:

Our consultants advised the group to use our online assessment tool, ‘Inquest Cyber Risk Online Survey’. Every subsidiary was to take the exposure to cyber risks test, which was then analysed by our teams.

If potential security breaches were identified, a penetration test was carried out with an in-depth analysis of the entire technical architecture. The penetration test enables the implementation of an information security management system in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard.

Following these first two steps, our INQUEST consultants were able to provide our client with a full map of the 200 subsidiaries, including their strengths and areas for improvement.


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