Implementation of improved security measures for a jeweller that was burgled

Improved security measures implemented for a jeweller’s that was burgled

Audit / Consultancy – Increased level of security for jeweller’s following several robberies

A leading jeweller’s with stock worth several million euros suffered repeated burglaries despite the implementation of standard security measures: alarms, double doors, unbreakable windows, sensors. Our jewellery, art and valuables consultants carried out a risk audit with a view to identifying the shortfalls and improving the security of the shops.

Involvement of INQUEST consultants:

Our consultants assessed the existing security measures to identify potential weaknesses. The first step allowed them to draw up a precise map of technical improvements to be made. Following this analysis, in collaboration with the jeweller’s, we implemented security measures aimed at more effectively protecting staff and valuables.

  • Increased security of the safe (reset button, emergency drawer, camera with a specific angle, false alarm buttons, magnetic contact)
  • French windows reinforced with barriers
  • Installation of a panic button for staff
  • Implementation of a type of alarm that allows for better management by the security company
Audit of a service provider in the insurance industry as part of a management delegation

Audit of a service provider in the insurance industry as part of a management delegation

Audit/Consultancy - INQUEST is carrying out an audit of the underwriting and claims management activities delegated to a broker by an insurer

Training a property company on the risk of fraud

Training - INQUEST is raising awareness of the risk of fraud among the various departments of a property development company