Investigation into a malicious act and rebuilding of the IT infrastructure of a luxury company

Investigating a malicious act and rebuilding a luxury company’s IT infrastructure

Audit / Consultancy – INQUEST is investigating the malicious use of the luxury company’s email account to improve the security of its information system.

A malicious employee impersonated a manager of a luxury company and sent a defamatory email to all employees. Our IT consultants carried out an investigation to identify the perpetrator of the act. This incident was a wake-up call for our client and we were asked to audit the architecture of their technical infrastructure.

Involvement of INQUEST consultants:

Our consultants carried out analyses to trace the modus operandi and ensure that this security breach remains an isolated incident. They audited the whole information system infrastructure to make recommendations and implement an action plan. Our aim was to provide our client with an overview enabling them to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their resources.


Cyber security risk assessment for 200 subsidiaries of a food group

Audit/Consultancy – INQUEST is assessing the level of exposure to cyber attacks of 200 subsidiaries of a food group by offering a personalised action plan.