Management of a major medical crisis

Management of a major medical crisis

Crisis management – INQUEST is managing a large-scale crisis by registering claims and compensating over 5,000 victims in 10 weeks

Following the manufacture of defective breast implants, affecting over 30,000 people in France, the manufacturer’s insurer was ordered on appeal to compensate victims within the limits of the policies taken out. The insurer wanted to set up a fair and quick compensation scheme, the definition, deployment and management of which was entrusted to the GM Consultant Group.

Thanks to, among other things, the deployment of a digital platform allowing victims to make and support their claims and track processing, all claims were processed individually and quickly. The insurer also won several awards given by the profession for the innovation of the scheme and its performance.

Involvement of INQUEST consultants:

Our specialist compensation consultants and the appointed project manager developed the specifications for the scheme in record time and organised a task force of around thirty claims managers to investigate and process claims.