Our fields of expertise


Our INQUEST consultants will help you address the complexity of the world of finance and insurance. We provide you with skilled financial and insurance experts from our teams.
We assist in out-of-court and legal disputes but also financial audits, in particular on the risk of fraud.

Manage out-of-court and legal disputes

Putting together a claim file is a long and laborious process that may be unsuccessful in the case of ignorance of assessment methods and compensation principles. Conversely, mastering these techniques is vital in ensuring an effective defence of your interests faced with a financial claim by a third party.

Our specialists work with law firms and legal companies and departments, managing several hundred disputes a year.

They will assist you in the financial assessment of your losses or in the critical analysis of a claim.

Our team will assist you at every stage in managing your out-of- court or legal dispute: from identification of supporting documents to analysis and evaluation and to preparation and submission of reports.

Prevent and assess the risk of fraud

How can you limit the risk of fraud in your company? By training your staff to identify and prevent the risks. Through case studies, methodology and good practices, our role is to
help you gain a better understanding of the risk of fraud with full training delivered by specialists.

Faced with a case of fraud or suspected fraud, it is essential to quickly set up an investigation and provide support to the company.

Confronted daily with proven cases of fraud, our team has developed the analytical ability to help you uncover and contain the fraud, assess the losses and put in place corrective action.
In-depth accounting and financial analysis, putting together a portfolio of evidence, suggesting measures aimed at strengthening internal auditing - our teams do everything
possible to provide specific and appropriate solutions.


INQUEST consultants have a wide range of experience over many years in the entire value chain of insurance: underwriting, claims management, delegated authorities in underwriting
and claims management, litigation, auditing, actuarial work and frequency and intensity risks, for individuals, companies and major accounts.

Our consultants provide assistance as part of one-off or regular assignments:

  • Development of methodologies of analysis or processing of sector-specific problems
  • Optimisation of management processes
  • Development of detailed functional specifications
  • Collection and analysis of business data to produce reporting models

Our teams are able to analyse specific complex situations and develop human and technological resources to resolve the crisis:

  • Run-off underwriting and claims
  • Product recalls
  • Large-scale claims by victims, etc.

Furthermore, over 10 years, our consultants have carried out hundreds of delegation audits, in several forms:

  • Creation, in collaboration with the client, of a method of scoring delegations
  • Carrying out one-off or regular due diligence with the aim of re-assessing the risks of partnerships
  • Preparation of specific questionnaires for each risk and context
  • Carrying out audits on their behalf

Training a property company on the risk of fraud

Training - INQUEST is raising awareness of the risk of fraud among the various departments of a property development company
Audit of a service provider in the insurance industry as part of a management delegation

Audit of a service provider in the insurance industry as part of a management delegation

Audit/Consultancy - INQUEST is carrying out an audit of the underwriting and claims management activities delegated to a broker by an insurer