Our fields of expertise

Our consultants work closely with jobs related to industries, environment, energy, construction, modes of transport and lifting; sectors in which they have acquired significant professional experience, strengthened by the management of thousands of claims and disputes every year.

Our services are aimed at all stakeholders involved in operational risk management:

  • Risk managers
  • Legal and insurance departments
  • Insurers and brokers
  • Technical and quality departments
  • Purchasing departments

Our INQUEST consultants apply their technical skills through a wide range of services:

  • Technical investigations: mobilisation of the specific technical skills of our multi-specialist experts (expert metallurgist, expert electronics engineer, expert electrician, expert civil engineer, etc.) to investigate the causes of faults
  • Laboratory analyses: carrying out tests and analyses using equipment in our internal electronics/electricals and mechanics/materials laboratories
  • Training: awareness programmes for our clients delivered by our multi-specialist experts in specific risks (risk of breaking as a result of the soldering process, risk of product malfunctions related to electromagnetic compatibility, etc.)
  • Audit: product and process audit to draw up a risk map and an action plan for improvement
  • Consultancy: support for our clients in disputes with their customers/suppliers, assistance in the qualification of a supplier, assistance in decision-making, etc.
  • Crisis management: support in the technical (causes, withdrawal/recall decisions, corrective action), legal (analysis of obligations and liability), financial (management of costs) and operational (management of a withdrawal/recall campaign) aspects of crisis management

Analysis in our laboratories before a product recall for a childcare company

Laboratories - INQUEST is carrying out technical investigations on childcare equipment in its internal analysis and testing laboratories to assist in a manufacturer’s decision-making following complaints about the safety of one of its products.
Crisis management assistance to a supplier in the food industry

Crisis management assistance for a supplier in the food industry

Crisis management - INQUEST is assisting an international company that specialises in the design and manufacture of complete packaging lines.