Our fields of expertise


  • Organisational:  mapping risks linked to the company's IT system governance and structure.
  • Infrastructure:  analysing the general architecture and configuration network equipment, infrastructure servers and company management rules.
  • Penetration tests: identifying system vulnérabilities with tests tailored to their structure and environement.
  • Phising Campaigns: simulating attacks to test application of best practices or suggest area of improvement.


We coach your key players and support you throughout your compliance upgrades to ensure you are in line with standards and strategic regulations for IS


  • Identifying and evaluating risks
  • Compliance upgrade
  • Monitoring compliance plans


  • Identifying and evaluating risks
  • Compliance upgrade
  • Monitoring action plans and supporting players


We use feedback from cyber incident management to devise made-to-measure training programmes to educate users.

Topic Examples : " Differents types of attack: effective response?", "Best practices for companies in IT Security", "Training in personal data protecxtion"

Incident Response

Cyber-attack response procedures must be triggered immediately. Our assistance team is available 24/7 and provides multilingual service. We are here to manage the incident at every step of the crisis.


Assistance in the change of digital strategy of an institution

Assistance in an institution's change of digital strategy

Audit/Consultancy - INQUEST is assisting in the digital transformation of an institution by supervising the implementation and application of a new IT management system.

Investigating a malicious act and rebuilding a luxury company's IT infrastructure

Audit/Consultancy – INQUEST is investigating the malicious use of the luxury company’s email account to improve the security of its information system