Our fields of expertise

Jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, watchmakers, art collectors, museums or galleries, our teams assist you to assess and improve the active and passive security of any site, where your activities are carried out. The pre-risk assessment is the key to prevent or limit the consequences of thefts and burglaries. What makes us the most effective is our experience acquired in over 20 years of risk analysis in this field, in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Risk mapping

  • Assessment of all active and passive security conditions in place, and of existing procedures
  • Complete risk mapping of your premises and storage places for valuables
  • Taking into consideration the local criminal history to be able to provide specific solutions against local crime

From the type of alarm sensors to the alarm transmission devices, from the size of the display windows glass to the security level of the safes, our experts precisely determine the security conditions needed to reach the required level of protection for the valuables involved and the insurance coverage.

Security Recommendations

Every country has local security resources with different standards and regulations: alarm transmission devices, availability of security companies, CCTV camera monitoring services, armed or unarmed security guards.

There can be significant differences between countries and the consequences of insufficient knowledge can be disastrous. Our ability to manage problems on a global scale allows us to respond effectively to this challenge.

Following the risk analysis, our INQUEST consultants will suggest improvements to protect staff and insured valuables on site. Detailed recommendations are made to strengthen the areas of risk identified in the assessment.

Implementation of improved security measures for a jeweller that was burgled

Improved security measures implemented for a jeweller's that was burgled

Audit - Increased level of security of jewellery stores following several robberies