Thanks to the group' strong experience in expertise and IT crisis management, INQUEST assists companies as closely as possible to their needs concerning prevention and resolution of issues related to cybercrime. …

Thanks to the group' strong experience in expertise and IT crisis management, INQUEST assists companies as closely as possible to their needs concerning prevention and resolution of issues related to cybercrime. 

Support businesses from the prevention of information system risks to the resolution of cyber security events.

INQUEST provides businesses with a 24/7 IT assistance service to respond to cyber incidents. Whatever the size of the company and type of incident, our specialists adjust their know-how to the complexity of cyber attacks in order to avoid any computer data leaks.

Bespoke cyber security services to support businesses

INQUEST: from the prevention to the management of IT crises

Faced with constantly changing technological risk, businesses must be able to count on the responsiveness and technical skills of an incident management expert.  As a cyber security consultancy firm, INQUEST lends its expertise in IT crisis management to all businesses (very small businesses, SMEs, major groups, etc.), irrespective of their business sector.  With experienced cyber security consultants, INQUEST is prepared for any situation and is involved from risk prevention to IT crisis management.





To prevent the occurrence of a loss, INQUEST’s teams provide tailored prevention services. They assist businesses when taking out insurance policies with a view to improving risk hedging.  

  • Cyber security awareness:
    • Phishing campaigns
    • Data protection and GDPR training
    • Cyber security awareness, feedback and demonstrations
  • Data protection audit and advice
    • Identifying and assessing risks 
    • GDPR compliance audit 
    • GDPR compliance assistance and monitoring, legal requirements, etc.
    • Data backup and protection policy and equipment
  • Information system security audit and advice
    • Organisational audit, risk analysis
    • Assistance in the implementation or improvement of IS security governance (ISSP, BCP, DRP, Crisis management plan, etc.) 
    • IS and SSI advice: implementation and monitoring of improvement plans, technical support, architecture, Contracting Authority Assistant
    • Technical audit (internal and external penetration tests, Internet exposure rating)  
    • Assistance when taking out Cyber insurance
    • Audit of the financial impact of cyber risks

The response to a cyber attack must be immediate in order to limit its consequences. Since 2018, INQUEST’s consultants have processed more than 650 Since 2020, INQUEST’s consultants have dealt with more than 1,000 incidents on various types of cyber attacks, regardless of the business sector. 

INQUEST’s multilingual assistance unit operates 24/7 to support every one of its customers during an incident. It implements post-incident forensic investigation techniques to search for data leaks, retrieve compromised resources, restore e-reputation and envisage restoring compromised data. 


Crisis management:

nce a loss has occurred, the goal is to limit the financial impact of a total or partial loss of business.

  • Incident response

INQUEST’s consultants have been trained to respond to emergencies: rapid intervention and immediate implementation of an action plan.

    • Crisis management 
    • Technical analyses (analyses of compromised items, digital (forensic) investigations, etc.) 
    • Threat analysis, monitoring and search for data leaks (Cyber Threat Intelligence) 
    • Retrieval of compromised data and recovery
    • IT remediation (deployment of monitoring mechanisms (e.g. implementation of an EDR, system reconstruction and securing)
    • Assistance with communication and regulatory procedures (notification to CNIL and those concerned, internal and external crisis communication, etc.)

The 5 steps of a standard action plan:

Crisis management organisation

Implementation of digital investigations 

Network and system advice

Data system recovery 

Legal assistance in terms of action to be taken following the attack. 


EXPERT CYBER Label : Member of Campus Cyber

INQUEST was awarded the Cyber Expert certification by the Government, in partnership with the major trade unions and the French Federation of Insurance Companies. This certification attests to our expertise in cyber security as a result of an audit conducted by AFNOR. 

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