Thanks to the group' strong experience in expertise and IT crisis management, INQUEST assists companies as closely as possible to their needs concerning prevention and resolution of issues related to cybercrime. …

Thanks to the group' strong experience in expertise and IT crisis management, INQUEST assists companies as closely as possible to their needs concerning prevention and resolution of issues related to cybercrime. 

INQUEST: from prevention to crisis management

As technological risks are constantly increasing, companies must be able to count on the responsiveness and technical skills of an expert in incident management.

Being an IT security consulting company, INQUEST provides cyber security crisis management expertise and driving strengths to all companies (VSEs, SMEs, large groups…), whatever their activity.

With experienced cybersecurity consultants, INQUEST can deal with any situation and intervene from risk prevention to crisis management.

Cyber Security Incident Response

Confronted with a cyber attack, an immediate response is required to limit the consequences. Since January 1, 2018, INQUEST consultants have dealt with more than 650 incidents involving different types of computer attacks, regardless of industry sector.

A 24/7 multilingual INQUEST assistance unit is available to support each of its clients during an incident. It implements post-incident Forensic investigation techniques to search for information leaks, recover compromised resources, restore e-reputation and even consider the restoration of compromised data.

With INQUEST, a global understanding of the risks can be gained by intervening throughout the entire value chain of an IT crisis. The consultants at INQUEST identify the strengths and weaknesses of each company thanks to an IT security audit adapted to the typology of the structure.


Risk prevention (Audit, Consulting, Training) 

Implementing a risk prevention approach in the field of cybersecurity first and foremost requires a perfect knowledge of the IT world. Drawing on the Group’s 20 years of experience in IT claims management, INQUEST’s consultants are able to propose methods and tools for risk assessment.

To prevent risks, the INQUEST teams offer services ranging from auditing to consulting and awareness-raising.


With new regulations and the increasingly important issues concerning the processing of sensitive data, INQUEST offers its clients services related to DPM and data protection in order to bring security back to the heart of this topical issue.

Audit & conseil en protection des données et RGPD


Cyber security risk analyses, coupled with system robustness tests against cyber threats, are carried out by the teams. All of this with the aim of suggesting areas for improvement if necessary.

Audit & consultancy in IT security 
Technical audit

Tailor-made training offer: an opportunity to raise awareness on cybersecurity

Companies that are trained are able to prevent the risks of a cyber attack more effectively. Moreover, companies have the opportunity to deal with these risks when they have not been detected despite good crisis management.

At INQUEST, each feedback on cybersecurity incident management feeds into our expertise in computer security training. INQUEST’s consultants offer personalized cybersecurity awareness and IT prevention solutions with themes adapted to each company profile.


Other services



Aeronautics is a highly regulated industry. It requires real knowledge of processes and in-depth know-how of specific standards. Based on more than 20 years of assessment in this field and with dedicated specialists INQUEST assists its customers throughout the evaluation, compliance and training process. A tailor-made offer of a specialist in aeronautics for all the actors of the sector.



With a team of financial consultants, INQUEST has been supporting and advising its customers in financial risk management for 20 years. Its mission is to help companies to better understand crisis situations (amicable and judicial litigation, fraud...) but also to adopt an effective strategy that meets the stakes.



Responsiveness, confidence and agility are INQUEST's key words in risk assessment. Significant human and technological resources allow us to respond to customer requests. Versatile, INQUEST consultants can rely on high-performance technical analysis tools (drone, 3D scan, integrated analysis laboratory, etc.) allowing to reinforce hypotheses based on objective data.