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Find all our latest news in risk management: cyber, fire & explosion...

Find all our latest news in risk management: cyber, fire & explosion...

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How can augmented reality prevent fires?

Fire & Explosion

Augmented reality is a cutting-edge technology that blends virtual images with our real world, creating an immersive experience. As a tool of the future, it will help better manage emergency…


A serious bodily injury with a retractable ladder leading to the attic

Investigations - After an accident on a retractable staircase, the civil liability insurer tries to determine the responsibilities and commissions our laboratory.


Document shredder causes bodily burns

Investigations - Following an incident involving a document shredder, the INQUEST laboratory was asked to investigate.


Buckling of an umpire’s chair causes bodily injury

Investigations - A tennis referee's chair becomes distorted and causes an accident. Our laboratory is asked to identify the cause.


Reconstruction of a breakage on a 16 mm telecine lens

Investigations - INQUEST's laboratory is called in to investigate the lowest cost solution for refurbishing the optics.


Physical damage to the electronic management board of a mass-market radiator

Investigations - INQUEST's laboratory is asked to carry out a technical analysis of a consumer product.


Audit for GDPR compliance of an insurance broker


Audit / Consultancy - INQUEST assists an insurance broker wishing to quickly comply with the GDPR


Aeronautics: development of an action plan for obtaining NADCAP® accreditation

Audit / Consulting - INQUEST assists a subcontractor in the aeronautics sector in its NADCAP® accreditation process by carrying out a pre-audit.


Performing a risk audit following several fraud attempts

Audit / Consulting - INQUEST carries out an audit of a social landlord victim of a series of fraud attempts.


Assisting an industrial company in the context of a dispute with a supplier

Investigation / Consulting - INQUEST assists an industrial company in the energy sector in the management of a commercial litigation.