Aeronautics: development of an action plan for obtaining NADCAP® accreditation

Audit / Consulting - INQUEST assists a subcontractor in the aeronautics sector in its NADCAP® accreditation process by carrying out a pre-audit.


A group specializing in the manufacture of spare parts, modification kits, metal parts and composite parts for the aeronautics industry must be able to justify accreditation in order to continue working with its customers. 

Among the expected certifications, the NADCAP® concerns the mastery of Special Processes, which have a direct impact on product conformity and safety. Following its last renewal audit, the group entered a risk mitigation process, having failed to maintain its accreditation.

In order to be confident about its next certification audit, the manufacturer therefore called on INQUEST’s consultants to advise and support it.

Equipped with a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary team, INQUEST brings together diverse profiles with specific technical knowledge. Years of experience in claims management have allowed them to accumulate a very rich know-how in many fields. This is particularly the case in the aeronautics sector, where special processes and industrial practices in the field are assimilated.

INQUEST’s know-how

With a team of specialized auditors throughout the world (including 2 in France), INQUEST consultants support the aeronautics industry in all their accreditation procedures.

To do so, they rely on their industrial experience, but also on internal analysis laboratories. For example, we can provide you with the following examples:

  • An electricity and electronics laboratory, enabling them to analyze all types of component failures and malfunctions, but also to estimate fire risks.
  • A mechanics and materials laboratory, enabling them to assess compliance with standards, the fatigue resistance of products, or to analyze fracture facies.

Their extensive skills include the study of currents (high and low), electronics, mechanics, steelmaking, robotics and motorization. A global expertise that allows INQUEST to support aeronautics companies, whatever their needs.

Consulting and pre-audit services

Considering the manufacturer’s needs, INQUEST has deployed a team of consultants specialized in aeronautics for a Consulting and Pre-Audit mission. Main objective: to enable the group to obtain NADCAP® accreditation at the end of its next certification audit. 

 In order to guarantee the success of the future certification, the INQUEST teams have taken various measures:

  • The performance of a “white audit”, following the risk mitigation procedure.
  • The implementation of an action plan based on the NADCAP® prerequisites, in collaboration with internal teams.
  • Implementation of the action plan.

The result: optimal preparation for the certification audit, but also a serene future for the company, which depends on NADCAP® to ensure the continuity of its activity.