IT Crisis Management and Hacking Investigations


Investigation / Consulting - INQUEST investigates and proposes an immediate action plan to support an agri-food company victim of computer hacking.


Following a computer hack, a company in the agri-food sector finds itself in a bad position. The data, which has been encrypted, is unusable and the system is totally inoperative, paralyzing production and logistics. As a result, the activity is at a standstill and the future of the company is threatened. 

In this emergency, the company calls upon INQUEST, through its cyber insurance, to help it react quickly and thus get its information system back up and running to resume its activity as quickly as possible

INQUEST’s know-how

INQUEST specialists support companies in all their cybersecurity issues. From the audit of information systems to cybersecurity awareness training and IT security consulting, they are at their side to prevent any risk of hacking. 

But when the incident cannot be avoided, it is necessary to react as quickly as possible. Therefore, INQUEST offers a multilingual helpdesk, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to steer crisis management in the event of a cyber-attack.

Response to the Cyber Attack

Following a hacking incident, INQUEST quickly mobilizes a team of specialists (up to 9 people) to assess the situation and propose an immediate action plan.

  • Piloting crisis management

INQUEST consultants prioritize the actions to be implemented and coordinate crisis management with the operational and communication teams. Regular meetings are also organized with managers.  

  • Digital investigations

INQUEST specialists conduct an in-depth analysis of the event logs, while searching for the malware “payload”, the compromise vector, and patient zero. Once the various indicators of system compromise are discovered, corrective action is taken immediately.

  • System and network consulting 

In order to assist the company in the creation and implementation of a “new” system, a specific support is set up. To react efficiently to any future suspicious movement, a network monitoring tool is also provided. 

  • Restoration of systems 

INQUEST guides the customer towards the best practices to be implemented for the restoration of the system in good conditions. 

  • Legal support 

Finally, INQUEST’s consultants assist the client on a legal level and offer an external DPO service to enable the client to master all issues related to the protection and management of personal data. At the same time, the consultants advised the client, on the monitoring of compliance plans to avoid future data leaks.