Assisting an industrial company in the context of a dispute with a supplier

Investigation / Consulting - INQUEST assists an industrial company in the energy sector in the management of a commercial litigation.


INQUEST was called by an industrial company specializing in the field of energy for a commercial dispute with one of its suppliers.

The purpose was to help it uphold its interests and assess the financial loss incurred by the company.

Therefore, two specialist intangible damage consultants were sent to the customer, following controversial negotiations between the customer, its supplier, and their respective counsels.

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INQUEST’s know-how

With their know-how and experience in litigation management, INQUEST consultants are able to carry out in-depth investigations with agility and precision. As part of a lawsuit as well as in litigation, INQUEST consultants assist their clients, providing them with the appropriate legal advice and skills to defend their interests.

INQUEST consultants operate on several levels:

  • Upstream of the occurrence of risks, in order to better control them and anticipate any incident, with a personalized decision support service.
  • After the occurrence of risks, in order to identify their causes.
  • In the context of litigation, in order to advise and support clients throughout the amicable or legal evolution of their case.

To successfully handle this kind of mandate, INQUEST consultants are able to rely on a long-standing background in risk management and commercial dispute resolution. Their main assets? Experience in managing litigation in multiple sectors of activity, both in demand and in defense, allowing them to anticipate strategic business issues. With distinct strengths, INQUEST is able to intervene in many sectors of activity, in order to accurately estimate the financial loss suffered.

Assistance in the management of supplier litigation

To assist their clients in the management of their commercial litigation, INQUEST consultants provide a complete service, according to a rigorous methodology.

  • Research

INQUEST consultants will carry out in-depth investigations into the causes of the litigation, and in particular the harm attributed to the various parties.

  • Proof of the causal link

Based on a rigorous investigation, INQUEST consultants are able to demonstrate a causal link between the fault attributed to the supplier and the damage suffered by the client.

  • Quantum quantification

Considering the prejudice suffered, the consultants assess the quantum of damages.

  • Drawing up the deliverable

INQUEST develops a claim brief summarizing the results of the investigation and the quantum quantification methods, while ensuring the reliability of the audit trail.

  • Lead presentation and negotiation

The INQUEST consultants assist their client during the presentation of the results of the investigation to a third party. Moreover, they provide support in defending their client’s interests, as well as help in negotiating to achieve compensation for the prejudice suffered under the best conditions.